Lights and Acoustics Solutions

Architectural lighting can be decorative or technical. Your space needs a gleaming lighting system or just a discreet spotlight on a certain area? Assorted lighting solutions respond to various requirements when it comes to space furnishing or brightening. As far as acoustic needs in effective workspaces, loud appliances and chit-chatty neighbors are no longer a challenge: the noise-absorbing panels solve acoustic issues and blend perfectly in your work environment. The solutions that commit to your needs.

Lighting Solutions

Our everyday surroundings would not be the same without light. And when natural light is distraught by daily opaque objects, smart lighting solutions come to the rescue. The best of lighting technology, dispatched through outstanding materials, sends luminous vibes to significant areas. Your favorite workplace angles, the meeting room’s focus zones, your beloved lounge corners and the most treasured cafeteria spots, all come to life with these thoughtfully designed lighting pieces. Room personalization has never been so easy and playful. Turn the spotlight on your most popular spaces!

Acoustic Solutions

Acoustic or privacy challenges in the office? Say no more: noise-absorbing and visually-comforting panels integrate your busy environment with mature technology, tasteful designs and the ideal pinch of privacy. The anti-phonic systems hold dedicated certifications and are conceived for areas with acoustic needs, as a result of accomplished craftsmanship and skillful engineered research, carried over good decades. Noisy and roomy equipment doesn’t have to be a constraint anymore, as its focus-intruding features are successfully delimited by acoustic panels. Room and sound privacy to maximize efficiency.

The LightSound Solution

The revolutionary system that changed work life forever and ever after. The association of these two essential elements of life in a single product was the very driving force of its creators. The LightSound, though, provides light and soaks up sound. How does it manage to do that? It brings together powerful LED lighting technology and lightweight noise-absorbing panels, in a surprisingly minimal, modular and self-supporting system. It emerged from a strong innovative passion and consideration for the workers’ wellbeing, demonstrating high-end industrial evolution every day. How deLightful does that Sound?

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