Furniture Solutions

We integrate not only products into spaces, but also new ways of thinking about space. Functionally exigent workplaces or cozy common areas, new or aged spaces, private or collaborative areas, all of them owe associative space management to furniture evolution. Nowadays, furniture is not only useful: it also provides space with aesthetics, health-supportive features and people’s connectivity. You can now furnish your space with modular systems that are easy to assemble and to mingle within your team’s personality. Sociologists say that we spend time in 3 types of places: 1 – home, 2 – workplace and 3 – places of relaxation and leisure. We found the middle ground, let’s share ideas!

The Desking and Benching Systems

Modularity is what you will love most in these solutions. Your next bench system can come in different configurations, straight or organic, permanently adjustable. The new height adjustable desks are ideal for supporting your health and a comfortable design. The bench and the chair united by smart systems.

The Executive Desks

Utility concealed in refined designs that surprise your senses: elaborated functions for various purposes and precious textures, all in one attractive desking piece. Wide surfaces and fine lines speak out your personality and please the eye of any visitor you might share it with. Your desk echoes your mind.

The Meeting and The Training

Whether people come together to close a deal or learn something new, furniture items are essential in providing comfort, optimizing space and creating a favorable ambience. The innovational high meeting desks with integrated TV boxes or the puzzly folding tables? Your gathering, your furniture to pick.

The Storage

Any productive space needs a good storage system to start with. Storage has never been as innovative as today, so forget about traditional storage items and sign up for intelligent roll-boxes, privacy-enabling lockers, filing and archiving systems and smart space dividers. Easy assembling, worklife organizing.

The Common Areas

Did you know that you can spend time at work in a treehouse? Turn your collaborative area into a Zen oasis or a stylish chit-chat spot. You can choose for the iconic houses or a thematic ensemble of puffs, lounge chairs and coffee tables. Maximize space utility and facilitate interactivity!

The Office Seating

Operative chairs are ergonomic and adjustable, for your teams’ comfort and health. Your visitors, meeting attendants and the trainees using the side chairs discover a stackable but comfy seating piece. Nowadays, executive chairs also ensure ideal ergonomics. And the cafeteria seats well as well!

The Reception

Custom made solutions integrate your space with artful compositions, exhaling your brand’s unique statement since conception, going through 3D projection and achieving perfection when installed. Stand out by rigorous layout standards and distinctive shapes. The reception becomes an experience in itself.

The Iconic Design

Great architects and designers will always have a long-lasting touch on the contemporary. Famous figures such as Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Charles Pollock or Harry Bertoia gave to furniture what Debussy gave to music and what Dali gave to painting. The “Less is more” concept reignites the passion for design and lives through emblematic pieces of art. Their iconic creations are now in your office.

Do you have an idea? We have the desired project.