Flooring solutions

Ambience is crucial when it comes to space styling. Give yours the ideal visual climate with the flooring system of your choice from our wide range of solutions. Acoustics join their large spectrum of benefits and safety is part of their very essence. Adaptability to design and easiness during installation, upkeeping or replacement, also play a vital role in equipping your favorite work spaces.

The Carpet

Aiming to accommodate any styling need, our versatile carpet flooring solutions are concurrently adapted to heavy traffic and fire resistance prerequisites. The wide range of finishes and designs matches any destination. We provide the carpet; you just bring the good ambience.

The Vinyl (PVC)

It is the absolute flooring solution for heavy traffic areas that always look like new. Already fantastic due to its resistance and versatility by design, it can be enhanced by special features: ESD properties, high abrasion endurance, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal treatments. Resists in style through adaptability.

The Luxury Vinyl Tile

Stands out for stunning chameleonic skills and an appetite for styling and practical challenges. Finishes like stone, oak, concrete or fabric, compliments its noise-absorbency and waterproofness. High durability and resistance implied, for any home or workspace. Lavish, yet highly effective.

The Raised Floor

A high level of technology characterizes contemporary business environments, summoning to contest fit-out projects, space reconfiguration, cable management or other installations. The Raised Technical Floor Systems puts an end to all that. Restores space flexibility and bends budgets.

Do you have an idea? We have the desired project.