Partitioning Systems

Rationalize your space with a revolutionary partition system that replaces the traditional gypsum board walls. Whether you are considering a fitout, reconfiguration or relocation, innovative systems and materials ensure a well-timed turnkey project with optimized costs. The CEE-approved modular solutions respond to the uncompromising demands of large projects, providing versatility, functionality and proper acoustics for workspaces.

The Single-Glazed Partition System Wall

This system of continuously arranged single glass panels provides remarkable architectural aesthetics and high quality transparency. The 10cm chromed profiles and the safety tempered glass improve acoustic insulation and are available in various finishes. Simplicity and transparency at their finest.

The Slim Single-Glazed Partition System Wall

It is the most transparent solution to both organize and make your space look natural. Its versatility results in the perfect alignment of its structural elements with the embodiment of any aesthetic requirement. Match your space optimization needs with the most light-friendly partition.

The Double-Glazed Partition System Wall

Conquer workspace challenges with the superior acoustics properties of the double glass panels. High styling quality and high-end technology materialize in two adjustable structural elements that allow insertions like “intelligent glass” or horizontal blinds. A creative system for top-notch performance.

The Blind Partition

This solid partitioning solution integrates with glass panels in a performance structure system, ensuring  greater visual and acoustic privacy, longevity and easiness of use than any other system. Technical modules can be fitted with various featured finishes. Gentle wood essence or metallic endurance?

The Full-Height Storage-Wall System

The best acoustic insulation and the optimal response to space allocation needs. The space divider and the heavy-weight storage supporter. A multi-functional wall, easy to assemble and disassemble. Also intuitive usage and easy to adjust to any storage needs. Upscale customizability, genuine efficiency.

The Wood Partition System Wall

A novelty to many and a new way for us to integrate your workspace with natural essences. Combining wood and glass brings functional and perceptive comfort to your space. Connects nature and work and makes your everyday space breathe. Not just another wall, the natural wood wall.

The Room in a Room: The CSS Box

Independent soundproofing area which facilitate discussions and enhance interactions. Whether you need to review the latest news, ask a favor or place a call, the CSS’s independent lighting and ventilation systems ensure your comfort. Countless designs and finishes available, let’s get creative!

The Single-Glazed Acoustic Door

This dynamic lightweight system ensures functionality and maximum light distribution. Due to hidden hinges, a vast range of accessories and its perfect matching with any other partition, it can swing or slide to ensure speech intimacy and express your space’s identity. The most discreet door made of glass.

The Double Glazed Acoustic Door

Owing its wide-range specification responsiveness to the double-panel modules with telescopic gap, it is easy to assembly and personalize as pleased. Installed in a complex partition system, it allows greater soundproofing and endurance to shocks, flames and vibrations. Your new favorite door made of glass.

The Blind Acoustic Door

Hidden hinges, elegant panels and acoustic filling edges provide the blind door with the best visual privacy levels among all modular doors in its range and great acoustics. A large variety of materials and coatings exhibit your brand’s identity in a swipe. Privacy and comfort, every business day.

The Sliding Doors

Sliding in the thickness of the wall or alongside a thinner surface, the sliding door is compatible with any modular partitioning system, so that you can divide and ensure your space’s usability at ease. Steady-balanced materials provide longevity and style. In-and-out transition, smoothly and refined.

The Wall Cladding Solutions

This is the end of monotonous and unaesthetic walls. Give your space a new look with the cladding solutions that bring the design diversity from partition modules directly on your existing wall. Upgraded acoustics, easy maintenance: all mixed in the slimmest add-on. Decorate your space, the smart way.

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